Adams Arms AR-15 P1 Gas Piston Upper Receiver Assembly 5.56x45mm NATO 16” Barrel











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All Adams Arms AR-15 P1 Gas Piston Upper Receiver feature a short-stroke gas piston operating system, which contains hot gas and debris from flowing back into action when firing. But the result is a gun that runs cooler, cleaner and more reliable than those using a standard direct gas impingement operating system.

After being installed onto any standard AR-15 lower receiver, this 5.56x45mm NATO-chambered Adams arms p1 is ready to shoot directly out of the box. The 16″ melonite-finished barrel, Adams arms ar pistol, bolt carrier group, charging grip, Picatinny rail gas block, Glock 42 Semi-Automatic .380 ACP delta ring group, and Magpul MOE handguards are all included with the Base Mid upper. 

Additional characteristics include M4 feed ramps to help assure reliable feeding and functioning during short strings of fire, a forged A3 flat-top configuration WARRIOR ASSAULT SYSTEMS ready to receive the shooter’s preferred optic and a mid-length gas system for a softer recoil impulse and longer sight radius.

Is an Adams arms 308 worth it?

The Adams Arms 308 Gun Professionals are generally considered more dependable because they are less susceptible to Kimber Micro 9 Black OI variations in ammo. Because you’re not putting propellant gases into the OS, piston pistols also run cleaner than natural impingement actions, and some say cooler.

Which is better piston or Adams arms ar10?

Direct impingement Adams arms ar10 are typically easier to carry, more accurate, and cheaper. On the other hand, piston-driven systems are more dependable and SPEER GOLD-DOT-9MM-LUGER 124 500Rds operate more smoothly. It’s ultimately up to you to make a choice.

Which is better gas or 11.5 piston upper?

308 Piston Kit

An 11.5 piston upper operating system runs much cleaner since gas is diverted into the piston instead of the action. That means it needs less attention to cleaning and lubrication. Gas-piston guns run more reliably, like an AK-47, Ruger Mini-14 or M1 carbine.


  • Magpul MOE handguard
  • 16″ QPQ melonite barrel
  • A2 flash hider


Product Information

Cartridge 5.56x45mm NATO
Finish QPQ Black
Material Aluminum
Weight 4.375 Pound
Barrel Length 16 Inches
Twist 1:7 Inches
Threads 1/2″-28
Barrel Contour Government
Sights No
Barrel Finish QPQ Black
Chrome Lined No
Gas Block Diameter 0.75 Inches
Gas System Length Carbine, Short Stroke Piston Operated
M4 Feed Ramps Yes
Upper Receiver Type AR-15 Flat-Top Gas Piston
Barrel Material 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel
Handguard Magpul MOE Mid-length
Bolt Carrier Assembly Included Yes
Muzzle Device A2
Mil-Spec or Commercial Mil-Spec
Compatible With






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