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The AK 47 1976 model, a timeless embodiment of firearm history, offers enthusiasts and collectors a brief journey back to a pivotal year in its iconic legacy. With its roots in the Soviet Union, the AK-47 stands as a symbol of enduring reliability, and the 1976 Model pays homage to this bygone era. This rifle chambered in the classic 7.62x39mm cartridge, seamlessly blends the legendary design with modern craftsmanship, presenting a collector’s edition that transcends time.

Measuring 35.5 inches in overall length and weighing 8.5 pounds, the 1976 Model strikes a balance between maneuverability and stability. Its fixed wooden stock and blued steel finish evoke the classic aesthetics that enthusiasts appreciate, while the side rail for optics allows for customization to suit contemporary preferences.

Key Features of AK 47 Gel Gun:

  1. Classic Design, Modern Craftsmanship: The AK 47 gel blaster retains the iconic silhouette and rugged aesthetics that have made it an unmistakable symbol worldwide. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this rifle seamlessly combines classic design elements with contemporary manufacturing techniques.
  2. Battle-Proven Performance: Built on the foundation of the AK-47’s legendary reliability, this 1976 model ensures consistent and dependable performance in various conditions. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a first-time owner, experience the confidence that comes with a firearm that has stood the test of time on battlefields around the globe.
  3. Exceptional Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials, the AK 47 pink is designed to withstand the harshest environments. From extreme temperatures to challenging terrains, this rifle is engineered for longevity, making it a reliable companion for generations.
  4. Smooth Operation: Enjoy a smooth shooting experience with the AK 47 orbeez gun well-crafted mechanics. The ergonomic design enhances handling, allowing for quick and precise maneuvers. Whether for sport shooting or self-defense, this rifle offers a responsive and intuitive operation.
  5. Collector’s Edition: The 1976 Model is not just a firearm; it’s a piece of history. With its distinctive features and the significance of the year 1976, this edition is a must-have for firearm enthusiasts and collectors alike. Showcase a piece of the past while embracing the present.
  6. Compliance and Safety: Our gun case AK 47 complies with all relevant firearm regulations and safety standards. Prioritize responsible ownership and enjoy the rich heritage of this firearm with peace of mind.

Own a piece of history with the AK 47 cap gun. Purchase yours today and discover why the AK-47 remains an enduring symbol of power, innovation, and resilience. Elevate your collection and experience the timeless allure of this iconic rifle.

AK-47 1976 Model – Specifications:

  1. Caliber: 7.62x39mm – The AK-47 1976 Model chambers the classic 7.62x39mm cartridge, known for its stopping power and reliability in various scenarios.
  2. Barrel Length: 16.3 inches – Strike a balance between maneuverability and ballistic performance with the 1976 Model’s optimal barrel length.
  3. Overall Length: 35.5 inches – Designed for versatility, this firearm provides a compact form factor without sacrificing functionality.
  4. Weight: 8.5 pounds – A well-balanced weight distribution ensures stability during firing and ease of handling.
  5. Action: Gas-Operated, Long Stroke Piston – Maintains the AK-47’s renowned reliability and contributes to smooth cycling of the action.
  6. Capacity: Detachable Box Magazine – The 1976 Model accommodates standard detachable box magazines, allowing for quick and efficient reloading.
  7. Sights: Adjustable Iron Sights – Equipped with reliable and adjustable iron sights for precise targeting in various shooting conditions.
  8. Stock: Fixed Wood Stock – Embrace the classic aesthetic with a durable and timeless wooden stock that enhances the rifle’s overall appeal.
  9. Finish: Blued Steel – The blued steel finish provides corrosion resistance and adds a sleek, polished look to the rifle.
  10. Safety: Manual Safety Lever – Ensure secure handling with the manual safety lever, allowing the shooter full control over the firearm.
  11. Accessories Mounting: Side Rail for Optics – Enhance your shooting experience by attaching optics or accessories using the integrated side rail.
  12. Compliance: Built to Comply with Relevant Firearm Regulations – The AK 47 gel gun adheres to industry standards and regulations, promoting responsible firearm ownership.
  13. Manufacturer: Crafted by Firearms Experts – Produced by skilled craftsmen, the AK-47 1976 Model reflects a commitment to quality and precision.
  14. Special Features: Collector’s Edition Markings – This model features unique markings and engravings commemorating its status as a collector’s edition, adding value to your firearm collection.

Experience the legacy, reliability, and craftsmanship of the AK 47 1976 model. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a collector, this firearm embodies the spirit of innovation that has made the AK-47 an enduring symbol in the world of firearms.


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