Benelli Bolt Handle Retaining Spring Super Black Eagle II, M1, M2, Montefeltro 12 Gauge, Montefeltro 20 Gauge




Benelli Bolt Handle Retaining Spring For Sale

Benelli Bolt Handle Retaining Spring, M1, M2, Montefeltro 12 Gauge, and Montefeltro 20 Gauge Benelli Bolt Handle Retaining Spring: The best method to fix or improve your favorite Benelli is using factory parts. These components are created by the standards that have given Benelli a reputation for dependability under challenging circumstances. Any factory part from Benelli will fit well and work reliably, thanks to its high level of craftsmanship.

Why do so many people order Benelli Vinci parts? 

Benelli Vinci parts are some of the most sought-after features for shotgun enthusiasts. It is for various reasons, including their reliability, accuracy, and ease of use. 

Benelli Vinci parts are highly customizable, meaning you can tailor your gun to your individual needs and preferences. Furthermore, Benelli inertia spring has a long history of producing quality firearms, so it’s no wonder many people order Benelli Vinci parts.  

Whether you’re looking for a replacement part for an existing gun or building a custom firearm from scratch, Benelli Vinci parts are perfect. Benelli’s parts are designed to be durable and long-lasting, providing years of reliable performance. 

They are also easy to install, allowing even the most novice gunsmiths to make quick and effective repairs. Finally, the selection of Benelli Vinci parts is vast, ensuring you can find exactly what you need to customize your firearm.

Is Spring Super Black Eagle II Good?  

The Spring Super Black Eagle II is one of the most popular semi-automatic shotguns on the market. It has an impressive history, having been in production since 1992. Its popularity is due in part to its reliable performance and affordability. 

In this article, we will examine the features of the Super Black Eagle II, its performance, and its overall value. We will explore whether or not this shotgun is genuinely worth its price tag and whether it is a good choice for hunters and shooters.


Product Information

  • 12 Gauge
  • 20 Gauge
Finish Matte
Material Steel
Compatible With
  1. M1
  2. M1 Super 90
  3. M2
  4. Montefeltro Serial Number Above N038124
  5. Montefeltro Serial Number Below M493910
  6. Montefeltro Serial Number Below N038124
  7. Super Black Eagle II
  8. Super Black Eagle II Flyway Edition

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 0.015 Pounds


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