Colt AR-15 Upper Receiver Assembly 5.56x45mm 16″ Barrel, No Handguard



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Colt AR-15 Upper Receiver Assembly 16″ Barrel, No Handguard – In 1963, the AR-15 and M16 5.56mm automatic rifles “made Colt the small arms sensation of modern warfare.” Its unmatched accuracy, performance, and durability are available in its direct descendant, the Colt semi-auto-only sporting rifle. But they are ideal for hunting, plinking and competition shooting

This colt 16 barrel assembly comes with a charging handle, bolt and bolt carrier assembly. Featuring a Picatinny-style Flattop, this upper is more than ready to offer the shooter maximum versatility when mounting accessories or optic devices.

What is a colt 16” barrel assembly?

Colt 16” Barrel Assembly Quad Rail Carbine, The Colt Government Carbine, is a lightweight and compact package that offers 5.56mm firepower with optimal mobility. The 4-position telescopic stock allows the Government Carbine to accommodate operators of different sizes and physiques.

What comes with an assembled colt 10.5 barrel?

A complete top assembly may include the entire top plus a charging handle, barrel, fore-end, and occasionally the bolt carrier group. A full (or assembled) top also has the eject port door and forward assist button installed from the factory.

Are all colt a2 interchangeable?

Yes, most different brands of colt a2 and lowers are compatible. Please note that you may need help assembling your rifle if you have a specialty receiver. If you’re looking for a lower receiver compatible with most uppers, browse our high-quality selection of 80% AR15 lower receivers.

Does the military use colt xm16e1?

Similarly, when we talk about colt xm16e1 for military use, those who use terms like military spec or military AR 15 refer to firearms modified to US army standards but not those used by military members. Of service to our nation. The US military uses the M16, not the sp401547.


Install AR-15 top assemblies with certain qualities, including but not restricted to flash hiders, bayonet lugs, threaded muzzles and local laws.


Made In the United States of America


Product Information

Cartridge 5.56x45mm NATO
Color Black
Finish Anodized
Material Aluminum
Barrel Length 16 Inches
Twist 1:7 Inches
Threads 1/2″-28
Barrel Contour M4
Barrel Finish Black
Chrome Lined Yes
Gas Block Diameter 0.75 Inches
Gas System Length Carbine
M4 Feed Ramps Yes
Upper Receiver Type A3 Flat-Top
Bolt Carrier Assembly Included Yes
Muzzle Device A2 Flash Hider
Mil-Spec or Commercial Mil-Spec
Country of Origin United States of America
Compatible With

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 4.185 Pounds


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