DS Arms SA58 FAL

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DS Arms SA58 FAL (Operation Specialist Weapon), manufactured by the American company DSA (David Selveggio Arms), is a legal copy of the FAL, manufactured on the same Stear-Daimler-Puch production line equipment as the StG-58. It can come with a different barrel length, an aluminum alloy lower receiver, and advanced glass-filled nylon furniture.


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DS Arms SA58 FAL is known throughout the world as the leading inventor and manufacturer of the 7.62mm FM FAL battle rifle system. Using new tooling, advanced materials, and ISO DS arms fal pistol certified quality control process, all FAL systems from D.S. Components are machined in the United States. DS Arms RPD also manufactures M16-type rifles, parts and accessories, Glock 22, and M16/M4 series rifles.

The DS Arms FAL SA58, Cosaint arms cos21 ds and DS Arms SA 58 are modern art, well-designed, and with excellent aesthetics. The BRS can be DS arms sa58 pistol .308 folded to the side. It has ergonomic and ambidextrous LOP adjustment buttons. There are seven LOP positions, so you can easily adjust them to your comfort level. The chick is also easy to handle, featuring a fully parallel lift with four 1/4-inch settings. There is a tilt setting for the helmet-mounted device or more cheek clearance. 

Brothers in Arms DS Specification and Features:

  • DSArms SA58 FAL Style Semi-Automatic Rifle SA5816CP-A
  • .308 Winchester (7.62 accepts NATO)
  • 16″ traditional profile barrel
  • Barrel Features Two-Case Cut / Swivel Front Sling
  • Threaded barrel 9/16×24 left hand
  • Belgian Style Combination Device Flash Heater
  • 4140 Fully Machined/Heat-Treated Cast Steel Receiver
  • Traditional Metric Coking Loop
  • Glass Filled Nylon Pistol Grip Made in the USA
  • Glass Filled Nylon Reinforced Hand Guard Made in the USA
  • Traditional FAL for folding stock
  • Light alloy lower trigger frame
  • 20 round magazines
  • Metric pattern
  • All parts are made in the USA
  • 22″ sight radius
  • Pull length 14.25.”
  • Folded length 26.5.”
  • Overall length 35.5.”
  • Total weight: 8.76 pounds
  • Matte black duracote finish

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