Federal Premium Gold Medal Small Rifle Match Primers #205M Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100)



Federal Premium Gold Medal Small Rifle Match Primers Online

Federal premium gold medal small rifle match primers deliver exceedingly reliable and consistent ignition to win shooting competitions, hit targets at ultra-long-range, and function flawlessly in semi-auto firearms. Federal manufactures their Gold Medal components and ammunition to exacting tolerances and strict quality control.

Federal manufactures components and ammunition for its Gold Medal line to deliver high-quality ammunition they can trust for shooters’ tolerance and strict quality control. Rechargers use gold medal match primers with the same reload data as standard (non-magnum) primers to achieve the same speed with greater accuracy.

The rifle was immediately happier with Federal’s standard-grade 210 primers, and Grouping is more consistent. But to my surprise, there was a slight difference in accuracy between the .30-06 standard and the Gold Medal grade primer. In fact, in both cases, the match-grade primers have a slightly larger average group size. Buy Gold Medal Magnum Large Rifle Match Primer #GM215M (1000 online.

So, the most consistent form was the federal primer, both classic match and standard. Of all the primers tested, the Federal one was different, mainly due to the speed adjustment produced by the primer cartridges with them. Whether or not it’s worth paying extra for the Gold Medal Edition is up to you.



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