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With the relaunch of the HORNADY FRONTIER-5.56X45MM, Hornady has done an excellent job of honoring the roots of the ammunition product line. This new Frontier ammunition carries on the brand’s legacy of high quality, trouble-free performance and good accuracy at attractive prices.



Buy HORNADY FRONTIER-5.56X45MM NATO 500 Rds Online

The Hornady Frontier-5.56x45mm NATO 500 Rds ammunition is the pinnacle of precision and reliability for your shooting needs. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and backed by Hornady’s renowned quality, this ammunition is the ultimate choice for discerning shooters. Each round is meticulously manufactured to NATO specifications, ensuring consistency and reliability shot after shot. The 5.56x45mm NATO caliber is trusted by military and law enforcement agencies worldwide, making it a go-to choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Whether you’re honing your skills at the range, engaging in competitive shooting, or safeguarding your home, hornady frontier 5.56 68 gr bthp, the Hornady Frontier ammunition delivers consistent performance and exceptional accuracy. Its reliable ignition and clean-burning propellants minimize fouling, keeping your firearm running smoothly.

With a generous 500-round quantity, hornady frontier 223 55gr hp, this bulk pack offers convenience and value for high-volume shooters. Stock up with confidence, WINCHESTER 5.56X45MM M855 500 Rds, knowing that each round is engineered to Hornady’s exacting standards for dependable performance every time you pull the trigger. Upgrade your shooting experience with the Hornady Frontier 5.56 x45mm NATO 500 Rounds ammunition, where precision meets reliability for unparalleled performance on the range or in the field. Order yours today and experience the Hornady difference.

Key Features of Hornady Frontier 5.56x45mm NATO 500 Rds:

NATO Specification: Manufactured to NATO specifications for consistency and reliability, hornady frontier 68gr bthp.

Precision Engineering: Meticulously crafted for exceptional accuracy shot after shot.

Trusted Caliber: Trusted by military and law enforcement worldwide for its performance and versatility.

Clean-Burning Propellants: Minimizes fouling to keep your firearm running smoothly, 5.56x45mm nato.

Reliable Ignition: Ensures consistent performance with every trigger pull.

Bulk Pack Convenience: Contains 500 rounds for high-volume shooting needs, 5.56x45mm nato ammo bulk.

Hornady Quality Assurance: Backed by Hornady’s renowned quality and commitment to excellence, 6.5-CREEDMOOR 129 500 Rds.

Versatile Use: Ideal for range training, competitive shooting, and home defense applications.

Dependable Performance: Engineered to deliver dependable performance in any shooting scenario.

Exceptional Value: Offers convenience and value to shooters who demand reliability and precision.

What type of ammunition does Hornady manufacture?

Hornady Frontier cartridge, proud to launch 55gr. FMJ M193 Rifle-Ammunition Provider of affordable military-grade ammunition. Hornady bullets in the Frontier Cartridge with 223 RAM and 5.56 NATO will suit all shooters.

Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO
Number of Rounds: 500
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
Bullet Weight: 55 grain
Cartridge Case Material: Brass
Muzzle Velocity: 3240 ft/s
Primer Location: Centerfire
Muzzle Energy: 1282 ft-lbs
Reloadable: no
Primed: Yes


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