Hornady Superformance .270 Winchester 130 Grain, 500 Rounds


Elevate your shooting experience with Hornady superformance .270 winchester 130 grain. Precision-engineered for accuracy and reliability, these rounds deliver consistent performance with every shot.


Buy Hornady Superformance .270 Winchester 130 Grain Online.

The Hornady Superformance .270 Winchester 130 Grain—is a powerhouse ammunition designed to elevate your shooting experience to new heights Hornady superformance 270 win. Engineered with precision and innovation, bond arms roughneck derr 45ap 2.5, this cartridge is the go-to choice for hunters and shooters who demand superior performance and accuracy in the field.

Key Features:

  • Superformance Propellant Technology: Experience a significant boost in velocity and overall performance thanks to Hornady’s cutting-edge Superformance Propellant Hornady Super Performance 270 getsomeguns. This advanced technology ensures flatter trajectories, increased accuracy, and extended effective range.
  • 130 Grain InterLock® SST® Bullet: The heart of this ammunition lies in its high-performance InterLock® SST® bullet 270 performance. Featuring a streamlined profile and a patented InterLock ring to keep the core and jacket tightly bound, it delivers controlled expansion, deep penetration, and devastating terminal performance.
  • Extended Effective Range: The combination of the Superformance propellant and the 130-grain InterLock® SST® bullet extends the effective range of your .270 Winchester, Hornady superformance 270 130 sst, providing you with the confidence to take shots at greater distances while maintaining exceptional accuracy.
  • Precision-Loaded Cartridge: Each round is meticulously loaded to strict tolerances, ensuring consistency and reliability shot after shot. This precision loading enhances accuracy and contributes to the overall reliability of the ammunition.
  • Ideal for Big Game Hunting: The Hornady Superformance .270 Winchester 130 Grain, Hornady 270 win, is specifically designed for big game hunting. Whether you’re pursuing deer, elk, or other large game, count on this ammunition to deliver the stopping power needed for a successful hunt.


  • Caliber: .270 Winchester
  • Bullet Weight: 130 grains
  • Bullet Type: InterLock® SST®
  • Muzzle Velocity: Industry-leading velocity for flatter trajectories
  • Propellant: Superformance Technology for enhanced performance
  • Precision-Loaded: Yes, to strict tolerances for consistency
  • Application: Big game hunting
  • Packaging: Available in boxes of 20 rounds

What Grain of Bullet is Dest for 270 Winchester?

For optimal performance in a .270 Winchester, the 130-grain, Hornady 270, 270 Hornady ammo bullet is widely regarded as the best choice. Strike a balance between velocity, trajectory, and stopping power, Mosin Nagant m91/30 7.62x54r 28″ blued, making it ideal for big game hunting. The 130-grain bullet ensures reliable expansion and penetration, maximizing effectiveness across various hunting scenarios.


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