Istanbul Silah Impala Plus Emerald 12 Ga Semi Auto Shotgun 26″ Vent Rib Barrel 4 Rounds Wood Stock Stainless Finish

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Where quality meets daily performance, the Istanbul Silah Impala Plus Emerald 12 Ga, plus a line of shotguns, uses a combination of traditional craftsmanship and sophisticated CNC machining technology. The Impala Plus line offers athletes a level of handling, performance, durability, and features typically found in more expensive guns.



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Istanbul Silah Impala Plus Emerald 12 Ga was discovered in 2003 for the sole purpose of manufacturing sporting and hunting firearms. They initially began manufacturing parts and shotguns Istanbul Silah Impala Plus for well-known brands in the United States and world markets. Its Aguila 22 LRintroduction established Istanbul’s similar shotgun culture of quality control that led to successful testing in 2016 with the Impala Plus shotgun problems and Impala Plus shotgun semi-automatic technical engineering studio.

What choke are compatible with Impala plus shotgun choke tubes?

Ithaca has used three different choke designs. The first design used on all Ithaca shotguns was the Tru-choke on the (getsomeguns, get some guns and ammo, get some guns, getsomeguns layton, getsome, get some layton, get some, getsomeguns orem, getsomeguns range, get some orem) 12 and 20-gauge guns. Several years later, they switched the choke to a Browning Invector/Winchoke for the 12 gauge guns. As far as I know, this design was not used on the 20 gauge guns.

Currently manufactured Ithacas use a choke with the typical outside dimensions of Impala plus shotguns but rely on a .730 bore diameter as the barrel.

Impala plus shotgun price Specifications and Features:

  • Istanbul Silah item #: P26A00WS
  • Semi-Auto Shotgun
  • 12 Gauge
  • 3″ Chamber
  • 4 Rounds
  • 26″ Vent Rib Barrel
  • High-pressure tested barrel compatible with steel shot
  • Interchangeable choke tubes
  • Kinetic recoil-operated system
  • Six-lug rotary locking bolt
  • Turn and remove the bolt handle
  • Ergonomic trigger group design
  • Distinctive aluminum receiver design with internal steel rails
  • Stock Adjustment shims
  • Ergonomic magazine cap with swivel stud
  • Swivel compatible stock
  • Soft recoil pad
  • Bead front sight with clip-on fiber optic
  • Overall Length: 46.5″
  • Wood Furniture
  • Stainless Finish


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