Kent Cartridge 12 Gauge 2.75 in 1 3/8 oz 5 Shot Shell Ultimate Fast Lead 500Rds

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Kent cartridge 12 gauge 2.75 in 1 3/8 oz 5 For Sale

At Kent Cartridge 12 Gauge 2.75 in 1 3/8 oz 5, we are the end-users: Hunters, clay shooters, and even dog handlers. Our staff proudly fire our made ammunition and are confident in their performance on the field. We revealed a look inside our new Fasteel 2.0 Precision Plated Steel waterfowl load for the first time.

So, Kent Ultimate Fast Lead Cartridge has a wide range of loaded shotgun shells at our West Virginia factory. We have a sales and distribution office in Ontario, Canada, serving our North friends.

Because they are made with cheap materials. Very little brass, a lot of plastic, and cheap metal (lead). The expensive shotgun shells are when you get copper sabot slugs, steel shot, or Buckshot.

Kent cartridge fast lead, Hornady 12 gauge 2-3 / 4” casing, slag, 1575 velocity, 25 feet firing. “Slag” is a term originally used to describe a shotgun bullet. But these are solid pieces of lead, making them the most powerful ammunition for a 12-gauge shotgun and the most difficult to position correctly without any spreads.

What does Kent cartridge fasteel 2.0 shot size mean?

In addition to the length of the cartridge and the size and material of the shot, there are two other considerations to keep in mind when purchasing cartridges: the amount of shot and the amount of powder. The shot is measured in ounces. Izhevsk hex receiver, 12-gauge loads for general-purpose small game typically carry 1 ounce of lead shot, while Kent cartridge apparel for long-range waterfowl shooting may carry 1 ⅜ ounce of steel shot.


  • Gauge: 12 Gauge
  • Length: 2.75″
  • Ounces: 1 3/8 oz
  • Shot Size: 5
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1475 fps
  • Rounds Per Box: 25
  • Boxes Per Case: 10
  • Application: Upland


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