Remington Express .30-06 Springfield Ammunition 500 Rounds 180 Grain Core-Lokt Soft Point Projectile 2700fps


Remington Express .30-06 Springfield ammunition provides the following information. The Remington Express 30-06 Springfield Amo has 165-grain center medallion pointed soft point bullets. The Remington Centerpiece Locket is ideal for hunters who want to find their deer tag.



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Traditional ammunition that you, your father, and even your grandfather Remington Express .30-06 Springfield Ammunition have believed in all these years. The classic green and yellow checks are lazy. Remington core-lokt .30-06 Springfield sp 180 grain builds the same dependable loadout and repeatedly delivers quality ammo to you. SKS piston spring & extension, 30-06 Ammunition Remington Express ammunition comes in various caliber options, all designed with hunters in mind. All Remington Express loads come in a refillable brass form that features non-corrosive boxer primers. Carry on the tradition by Remington Express core lot 30-06 shopping for your next hunt. You are trusted for decades when it offers the most essential and proven expansion with the ability to protect SilverTip. These quality bullets pack an ideal punch for big game hunters.

In 1873, less than a decade after the Civil War and westward expansion were in full swing, Winchester successfully fired the first centerfire cartridge. Remington 30-06 Springfield 150 gr psp core-lokt (getsomeguns, get some guns and ammo, get some guns, getsomeguns layton, getsome, get some layton, get some, getsomeguns orem, getsomeguns range, get some orem) has been setting global standards for superior ammunition performance and innovation for over a century. For millions of hunters and shooters worldwide, the name implies quality and performance. Remington core-lokt .30-06 Springfield 165-grain, Remington UMC 30-06 express box: You can always trust ammunition to deliver on its promises, regardless of sport, athletics or security.

30 06 Springfield 150 gr core-lokt retailers

  • .30-06 Springfield
  • 180 Grain Core-Lokt Soft Point Projectile
  • Brass Cased
  • Reloadable
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Boxer Primed
  • Muzzle Velocity 2700 fps
  • Muzzle Energy 2913 ft/lbs

Uses: Hunting Medium to Large Sized Game

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