Stevens 555 Over and Under Shotgun 12 Gauge



Stevens 555 Over and Under Shotgun 12 Gauge For Sale

Stevens 555 Over and Under Shotgun 12 Gauge – The escort 12 gauge shotgun features a Lightweight alloy receiver, Turkish walnut stock & forearm, and a Single selective trigger.

  • Matte Black Barrel Color
  • Carbon Steel Barrel
  • Wood Stock

Model XRS Semi-Automatic 12 Gauge Shotgun Features

The 12 gauge shotgun plug model is manufactured in Turkey. Many firearms “manufacturers” in Turkey are actually mere assemblers. Still, the company that builds the Model Stevens 555 makes the components for its weapons, so it has complete control over everything from start to finish. As we well know, the rate of Turkish weapons varies from delicious to deplorable. I’m happy to report that the new 555 model is a delight.

The Model Stevens 555 is offered in 12 and 20 gauges. The weapon has a lightweight aluminum alloy receiver with a unique steel insert centered just over the firing pin holes that reinforce the vertical breech. The result is a delightfully light and practical shotgun that will withstand any load.

Shooting Times, received one of each caliber for review. The cleaning kit for 12 gauge shotgun weighed only 6.5 pounds, and the 20 gauge weighed an even heavier 5.5 pounds. Action depth is shallow, as the barrels hinge on steel trunnions rather than a full-length hinge pin. The security is manual (which I like) and incorporates the barrel chooser. The trigger is mechanical, so if barrel one does not fire, pull the trigger again on barrel two.

Speaking of the trigger, the cleaning kit for 12 gauge shotgun ones I tested for this report is as good as any I’ve found. They are nice and crisp and have the right weights for field shooting. The trigger on the 20 gauge broke when it weighed a little over 5 pounds, and the 12 gauge measured around 6.5 pounds.

The WWII Finland Sako Mosin Nagant M39 7.62x54R, shotgun cleaning kit 12 gauge has a heavy-duty extractor that raises both shells, whether loaded or empty, high enough for easy disposal and allows handloaders to easily retrieve each empty shell. Significantly, the shares are sized for their respective widths; There is no “one size fits all” philosophy here.

The finish on the alloy receiver is a glossy, matte black that is very uniform and blends well with the matte bluing of the steel barrels. In short, it achieves a very attractive finish.

SPECIFICATIONS – sDS imports 12 gauge shotgun

GAUGE 12 Gauge
FINISH Matte Black
STOCK Turkish Walnut Wood Stock
CHOKE 5 Interchangeable
WEIGHT 6.15 lbs
ACTION Over Under
HAND Right

Additional information

Cartridge/ Gauge

6.5 PRC, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum